Share and enjoy your meal

The menu of a Greek taverna (casual restaurant) is a parade of brightly colored vegetables cooked with tomato, lemon, plenty of olive oil and herbs –and of course accompanied by delicious feta cheese! Greeks enjoy their food by sharing with friends or family, with a glass of good wine and while chatting lively; this is the kind of atmosphere we have created in “Filoi” and you are welcome to join us!

Greek wine

For Greeks food always goes with wine. Low in alcohol, perfectly matching Greek cuisine and made from both international and indigenous grape varieties, Greek wine is a must try. And in “Filoi” you can, since we have selected for you some of the finest labels from various wine producing regions of Greece.

Grand menu


Greek salad ¥980
Simple green salad With Greek salt, olive oil and wine vinegar ¥700
Black-eyed peas and herbs salad ¥980
Seasonal salad ¥1,200


Roe and onion dip garnished with vegetable sticks ¥980
Eggplant and garlic dip ¥700
Santorini fava beans dip garnished with capers ¥700
Spicy chickpeas dip ¥700
Greek yogurt and garlic dip ¥700

Side menu

Greek olives (two kinds) ¥700
Well-done browned feta cheese with honey ¥980
Spicy baked feta cheese ¥980
Stuffed pepper with feta cheese ¥980
Today’s vegetable pie ¥800

Main menu

Musaka ¥800
Roast chicken with oregano and lemon ¥1,200
Greek chicken stew ¥1,000
Grilled pork garnished with Greek yogurt and garlic dip ¥1,500
Greek pork stew with green onions ¥1,000
Grilled Calamari garnished with Santorini faba beans dip ¥1,200
Octopus and petit onion stew ¥1,500
Fried cod with potato and garlic dip ¥1,500
Whole shrimps with herbs, cooked in tomato sauce with feta cheese ¥1,800

Other menu

Seasonal Menu ¥1,000~
Japanese Fish Dishes


Desserts ¥500~


Draft beer ¥580
Suntory Whisky highball ¥480
Soft Drinks ¥400
Filoi Original “Friend Coffee” ¥500
Filoi Original “Friend Herbal Tea” ¥600

Wine list

Glass (Red, Wine) ¥700~
Ouzo ¥700~

Wine White

Enotria White Crete ¥3,400
Samaropetra Northern Greece ¥4,200
Assyrtiko Northern Greece ¥4,800
Aspros Lagos Vidiano Crete ¥7,500
Santorini Santorini ¥8,500

Wine Red

Enotria Red Crete ¥3,400
Estate Papaioannou Nemea ¥4,400
Yanakohori Northern Greece ¥4,800
Ramnista Northern Greece ¥6,300
Diaporos Northern Greece ¥9,500


Paranga Sparkling Northern Greece ¥4,200
Akakies Sparkling Rosé Northern Greece ¥4,800


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Tel & Fax 03-6240-9027
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Business hours 17:30 – 23:00
Tea Time :14:00 - 17:00
Dinner Time:17:30 - 23:00 (L.O. 22:00)
Closed Sundays